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Summary Platform-independent build tool
Categories construction, deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) yrashk


xbuild propagates an idea that all you should define at your project build description, is mostly what are the sources and what the result should be, hiding technical details into customizable libraries.

Also xbuild aimes to be a truly platform-independent build tool to let you build your software on numerous platforms with no or little effort.

  • just like Ant (a build tool for Java by Apache Software Foundation xbuild uses XML as a source of the build description.
  • xbuild will allow users to build in parallel and in distributed manner
  • primary xbuild programming language is C++
Our mission is to provide with a tool that could be a multi-platform replacement for autotools and complex Makefiles; that's simply.

At the other hand, another goal is to make xbuild be easily integrated with another systems, like unit testing systems, change management software and so on.

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